Application for Residential Occupancy Agreement​​


Source of Income

Additional Income

Other Information

Digital Signature

Management and the State of Illinois prohibit discrimination in housing. The foregoing information is supplied to Management in order to induce him/her/it to rent to me and such information is true and correct in all respects, and I hereby authorize whatever credit investigation, consumer, or criminal report that Management considers appropriate. I am aware the application fee specified above is non-refundable.

I fully understand that this application for a residential occupancy agreement is taken subject to the approval of Management and is also subject to the availability of the subject premises. If any information contained herein is found to be false, I hereby agree that any lease made with me may be terminated at any time. Should this application be accepted by Management, I agree to execute a written lease in the form prepared by Management prior to occupancy of the premises and I agree to be bound by its terms and all of the rules and regulations contained therein. I further understand that Management reserves the right to reject this application at any time before the lease has been signed by an officer of Management.